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Global Indigo Internship

The mysteries of plant blue: from plants to color

In the heart of nature, in the heart of the Lilas micro-farm, with Cécilia Aguirre you will reap  persicaire feet and learn a pigment extraction technique by making this famous blue gold yourself.

The course offered here focuses on aspects of indigo, the famous blue pigment from plants. Two traditional plants will be discussed: pastel, and more particularly  persicaria indigo (the traditional Japanese plant). 

The trainees will learn the culture of these plants, the different methods of pigment extraction, manufacture of cocagnes, the assembly of a tank and the basics of indigo dyeing.

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The dates of the internship 

The internship takes place on August 26 and 27  2021 .


2-day program (times: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.):

  • Day 1: Visit of the garden, indigo plants, their method of cultivation, first harvests and extractions,

  • Day 2: Continuation of indigo extractions, assembly of small test tanks with different sources of indigo.

Host: Cecilia AGUIRRE

Restorer of works of textile art and farmer, passionate about vegetable dyes and plants, I founded the Lilas micro-farm with the desire to share these passions and raise public awareness of our connection to the earth.

The transformation of indigo is for me an exciting path, a captivating alchemy that I enjoy discovering every year on the farm, starting from the source: the earth and the plant.

Price (excluding meals and accommodation):

360 € per person (raw materials included).

Professional support possible.

Reservation on the colore ton monde site (link at the bottom of the page).

Useful information :


  • Comfortable clothing suitable for the weather and garden activities.

  • Shears

  • Apron, mapa type gloves and scissors for dyeing.

  • Notebook

  • Samples of textile materials to be dyed

Access to the Lilas micro-farm:

Accessible by car (A10 motorway, Dourdan - Saint-Arnoult exit) or by public transport (Dourdan RER station about 1.5 hours walk or 30 minutes by bike, Albatrans 91-03 bus from Massy-Palaiseau station, Plessis stop -Mornay, 20 minutes walk).

Car pooling can be organized if the participants so wish.

Accommodation and meals:

Gites, guest rooms or camping in the area.

The midday break lasts about an hour.

Meals are collective. They are prepared by each participant, in advance. There is no kitchen on site. A solar oven can be used, if the sunshine conditions allow it, in the respect of the equipment and the places.

Terms & Conditions 

In order to comply with legal health rules, wearing a mask is made compulsory at the entrance to the micro-farm. In the field, depending on the conditions and activities, everyone is then free to compose as they wish, while respecting the freedom and protection of others.

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