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Atma-Tlapali internship
make your soul vibrate in colors

Module 1 Atma-Tlapali offers 3 days in the heart of nature on the beautiful site of the Micro-ferme des Lilas in search of its interior color ...

What is Atma-Tlapali?

It means “soul” ( atma in Sanskrit) and “color” ( tlapali in Nahuatl).


The Atma-Tlapali courses offer you to live sensory and contemplative experiences in close connection with the living, with as a support, the tinctorial plants (from which we can extract color) cultivated on the site of the Micro-ferme des Lilas: the madder, cosmos, gaude, indigo persicaria, dyers' pastel and other wild harvest plants.


These plants and their colors carry specific energetic vibrations, capable of acting on our psyche. Each has its own frequency and the color they transmit is an example, perceptible to the eye. 

Dyeing with plants plunges us into their psycho-energetic universe that we perceive with our physical and subtle senses. This participates in emotional rebalancing, which is even more powerful when the practice is done in awareness. There is a deep joy there.


During these courses, we will go to meet these plants and we will take the time to rub shoulders with them on their feet, to feel them, to live with them a moment of universal connection.

Then, we will move from this connection to a search for interior ecology, where each trainee will consciously experience the alchemical process of extracting color and dyeing a fabric with the plant (s) that correspond to it.


Module 1 is the basis of this approach. Other modules will then come to deepen this practice.

The dates of the internship 

The first module will take place in the summer, when the plants are full of vitality, from July 7 to 9, 2021 .


3-day program (times: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.):

  • Day 1: In the garden, visit of the place, anchoring in the earth, meeting with plants, caring for plants, feeling exercises with plants and colors, universal connection.

  • Day 2: choice of its material (only natural fibers) according to its feelings, preparation of the latter to receive the color.

  • Day 3: harvest, color extraction and dyeing in consciousness.

The three days will be punctuated by simple bodily practices, concentration and connection to living things.

Host: Cecilia AGUIRRE

The path of matter has led me to become a restorer of textile works of art, and the path of spirituality to make me discover and practice various schools, including yoga for 20 years. Buddhism, frequently encountered in my activity as a restorer,  Inspires me a lot by its philosophy and its textile and artistic tradition.

With the birth of my children came a growing ecological awareness. In connection with my job as a restaurateur, I approached the theme of natural dyes in an attempt to change toxic practices. I use them today in my professional practice and have been teaching natural dye for 10 years.

The anchoring and the link with the living, led me to go up the chain and to cultivate the dye plants myself.

In 2017, I created the Micro-ferme des Lilas and I cultivate colors, flavors and well-being in a beautiful and soothing place.

Atma-Tlapali is the convergence of my passions: plants, matter, earth, colors, spirituality, transmission, care for the living in its entirety.

Price (excluding meals and accommodation):

300 € per person (raw materials included).

Useful information :


  • Comfortable clothing suitable for the weather and garden activities.

  • Apron, mapa type gloves and scissors for dyeing.

  • Small yoga / gym mat.

Access to the Lilas micro-farm:

Accessible by car (A10 motorway, Dourdan - Saint-Arnoult exit) or by public transport (Dourdan RER station about 1.5 hours walk or 30 minutes by bike, Albatrans 91-03 bus from Massy-Palaiseau station, Plessis stop -Mornay, 20 minutes walk).

Car pooling can be organized if the participants so wish.

Accommodation and meals:

Gites, guest rooms or camping in the area.

The midday break lasts about an hour.

Meals are collective. They are prepared by each participant, in advance. There is no kitchen on site. A solar oven can be used, if the sunshine conditions allow it, in the respect of the equipment and the places.

Terms & Conditions 

In order to comply with legal health rules, wearing a mask is made compulsory at the entrance to the micro-farm. In the field, depending on the conditions and activities, everyone is then free to compose as they wish, while respecting the freedom and protection of others.

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