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I invite you to discover the living colors of the lilac micro-farm.

On a mohair wool from Ile-de-France, light, soft and vaporous.

The plant rubs shoulders with the animal. Nature loves you and takes care of you!

"  Offer a fun and sensory experience of contact with nature, and wear these precious colors that convey the harmony and energy of plants.  "


Each box includes:

  • An object to dye in mohair wool (77% mohair and 23% silk), in local wool from the p'tits shepherds farm,
  • A bag with the dye plant of your choice,
  • A sachet with something to fix the color (alum salt), 
  • For the tansy and alder, a sachet of shading salt, 
  • An explanatory note,
  • A link to a video tutorial.

Mohair and silk stole kit

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